Activities to Do with Mom at Her New Assisted Living Residence near Cokato MN

The big move to an assisted living facility can take a toll on mom. Things she used to enjoy taking charge of at home, such as cooking, gardening, etc., are no longer her responsibility. This could leave her feeling empty and like a stranger in her new home. You can help mom adjust to assisted living by doing activities together.Assisted Living near Cokato MN

One of the things enjoyed by most families is sharing a meal together. Drop by the facility as often as you can to share meals with your mom. Some assisted livingfacilities are stricter than others when it comes to visitation or meals. Know what the policy and procedures are beforehand.

Does your mom have a favorite game she loves to play? Whether it is playing cards, bingo, or scrabble this is a great way to incorporate some family fun into her new environment. Plan a family game night once a week or so. As she makes friends with others in the assisted living community, she may like for some of them to join in.

If your mom enjoyed gardening before then find out if the facility will let you bring a bit of gardening to her. Get some window boxes and she can make her own little garden.

Photos and photo albums are a fun way to spark happy memories. Making a photo album together is something your mom may take pleasure in. Pictures are great conversation pieces and encourage your loved one to tell stories reflecting on those happy times.

Many times assisted living facilities have activities that they plan for the residents. Encourage your mom to take part and meet new people. If she seems resistant, then offer to do it with her. Whether it’s an art class, exercise class, book group, or craft, getting her involved will greatly improve her quality of life.

Games and activities that can be done outdoors may be something you can do with mom. Mobility problems may have to be taken into account but getting out in the fresh air and soaking up some sun rays is sure to lift her spirit.

Assisted living is an adjustment for many seniors. However, in time, they will come to enjoy not having the pressures and worries they once did when taking care of a home. They are free to just live and enjoy each day.

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