Features &Amenities

DSCF1214The Birchwood House was built in 2003 with funds and contributions from many generous Hutchinson area community members and groups. In addition, several beautiful paintings/artworks, furniture items, fixtures and other unique contributions came from special people in the community who wanted to make a difference for the residents or the families who lived at or visited the Birchwood House.

The home is set in the beautiful community of Hutchinson Minnesota that offers all the advantages and convenience of a big city but with the heart and soul of a small town. The home is designed specifically for resident ease of movement, safety, privacy and quality living. Family and friends are always welcome to visit and move about throughout the home while enjoying the many amenities the home has to offer.

First Floor


assisted-living-bedroomsThere are eight (8) bedrooms – all between 140-160 sq ft located on the upper floor and connected by a wide open hallway with plenty of open space for walkers and wheel chairs to conveniently access all of the common areas. An elevator provides easy access as an alternative to using the wide stairway to the lower floor.

All bedrooms come furnished with either a queen size bed or if requested an adjustable hospital style bed. If interested, you also have the option to bring your own bed and other personal furniture.

All bedrooms already have sleeper sofas, chairs, a dresser, lamps, mirrors, phone, wall pictures and miscellaneous other items. TV’s are mounted on the walls (or you can bring your own) and connected to cable services. All rooms include basic cable & free WiFi services to the Internet.

Kitchen, Dining & Living Rooms

assisted-living-kitchenThe kitchen is wide-open with plenty of room and sit-down bar counter for simply hanging out to watch what’s being cooked up while sipping on a cup of hot coffee or other beverage. What’s really unique about the kitchen and dining area is that it has the feel and look of a home styled kitchen. While there will be three meals offered each day, we realize that some residents may choose to have a simple snack of their own choosing. We will shop and prepare meals that are consistent with each resident’s dietary and nutritional needs and requirements.

There is an extra-large living room (w/fireplace) centrally located in the middle of the house on the same floor as the bedrooms for social gatherings, lounging, relaxing or simply to read a magazine or book. The living room is located in the same great room as the kitchen and dining area.

Lower Floor

The lower floor of the Birchwood House consists of over 6,000 sq ft of common space along with two furnished guest rooms. There is a wide stairwell leading to the downstairs area as well as an elevator.

Social Great Room

great-roomThis huge room features a large relaxing area in front of a beautiful gas fireplace. There are tables for playing cards/games and a large seating area with leather sofas and chair. This rooms offer residents, guests and family members a nice cozy and warm environment to meet. There is large LED Flat Panel TV and a stereo sound system that offers a small,theatre-like environment for watching various sports, movies and favorite shows.

Exercise Room

Parkinson’s disease affects the motor system, producing trembling, stiffness, slow movement and impaired balance. Parkinson’s patients experience the normal health benefits of aerobic exercise and strength training, such as improved cardiovascular functioning, improvements in bone health and reduced risk of heart disease. Importantly, they can also experience a gain in function that helps reduce the impact of the disease and preserve quality of life.

Guest Rooms

The guest rooms are furnished and offer residents space for the guests and/or family members to rest or relax while they are visiting a loved one at the home. Use of guest rooms is on a first come first serve basis.