Parkinson’s & Movement Disorders

Specialized Staff Training For Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders

mhe_072r-200x300All staff working at the Birchwood house receive TULIPS and other special training tailored to their role in the provision of resident care for persons with Parkinsons Disease or other movement disorders. The areas covered in the training include:

  • A basic understanding of the special challenges faced by residents with Parkinsons Disease and other movement disorders
  • An understanding of how and when to help a resident seek a diagnosis, and how to help prevent further deterioration in the resident’s speech through therapies
  • Learning specific strategies to help the resident achieve and maintain good nutrition
  • Learning the effects of Parkinsons Disease on activities of daily living and specific strategies to help residents with Parkinsons Disease lead full, active and dignified lives
  • Gaining insight into ways to enhance fall prevention and to ensure that the Birchwood House is suitable for residents, as well as to understand the safest ways to help residents transfer and move about their environments
  • Designing and implementing an exercise program specifically geared for each resident
  • Gaining a thorough working knowledge of the various medications, surgeries and alternative therapies available to treat residents and an understanding of the importance of carefully controlling and maintaining dosages, including the difference between generic and branded pharmaceuticals.