Why Does My Father with Parkinson’s Not Understand I Can’t Provide Senior Care for Him near Brownton MN?

“ A Daughter can’t understand why her Father with Parkinson’s will not accept that she can’t provide the care he needs”

My father was one of those strong, fiercely independent people throughout a majority of his younger life. When he was fifty-five, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and while he seemed to remain strong, we didn’t take the diagnosis so well. My mother did her best to care for him, especially during the later years, but when she passed away last month, it left my father without a personal home careprovider.Senior Care Brownton MN

He just assumed that I would be the one to provide senior health care for him, but I tried to explain to him that I didn’t know the first thing about what he might need. I didn’t know how to care for him the way that my mother did. Being his daughter, I suppose that he just assumed that I would take over when my mother could no longer do that type of work.

It’s just that none of us, not my brother, not my mother, and not my father thought that she would pass away before him. She was always a strong woman and it was just assumed that she would outlive him, but a heart attack changed all that in an instant.

Now, no matter what I try to tell my father, I can’t seem to convince him that I won’t be able to provide the type ofhealth care that he needs, especially with Parkinson’s.

Believe me, I did my homework through the years. I understand what some of the challenges are that he faces, and I know that it’s going to continue to progress and cause him more problems in his daily life. Still, I have a full time job and I simply can’t devote the time or energy to the care that he requires at this time.

And now he’s angry with me. He doesn’t have any problem with the fact that my brother either can’t or won’t even raise a finger to help him; he’s upset with me and I can’t understand for the life of me why he refused to even accept or acknowledge that I simply can’t provide the level of care that he needs.

I’ve been told that he’s still in denial, and that is why it starts an argument when I bring up the subject of senior care. I will not give up trying to convince him that there are trained professionals that deal with Parkinson’s disease, and that would provide the type of care he requires.

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